17 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba


As a kid I use to go crazy over Tortoiseshell.  I collected almost everything that was made out of tortoises.

So today I wanted to share with you my Tortoiseshell collection.

My Shoe and Purse from tortoiseshell

I think my mantel looks perfect I just might leave it that way

I had bought the fan from our visit to Maldives

Bracelets and watch and the purse is from New York

Another watch and earings

Necklace, rings and earings

I bought the peacock feather fan from Phuket, Thailand 

The collection of tortoiseshell

The compact mirror is from Singapore and the box is from Bali Islands

Sunglasses, reading glasses, hairpins and hair sticks


The belt is from Milan, Italy

More hair accessories

Some of these are very old which belong to my grandma

My other tortoiseshell shoe

I bought this from Madrid, Spain

This hair stick use to be my moms and she bought it from Beirut

The big comb use to belong to my moms grandma

More bracelts and rings

Necklace is from Hawaii

More earings

The necklace is from Los Angeles

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