3 Ekim 2012 Çarşamba

Whats on My Vanity Table; Tuesday's Inspirations VII

Lately, I’ve been giving some serious thought to the meaning of the term anti-aging. As I sit here typing this post, I’m aging. You’re aging as you read what follows in the next few paragraphs. We’re all aging, all the time. It’s inevitable.

I suppose what I find most disturbing about the term anti-aging are the rules associated with it which are, in my mind, ridiculously confining. If you’re over forty (for example), you’re told your time is up. You can no longer wear shimmer shadows – it’s not age appropriate. You can no longer wear sexy high heels without getting judgmental smirks - you’re trying too hard. You can no longer get away with wearing long hair - accept your age.

I’m not against aging, I’m for it!  Because I’ve aged, all that is different. I mean look, I’m taking a very clear and pointed stance on this subject despite the risk of turning some people off. Aging, definitely has its benefits.

So for this anti-aging "thing" I still love my make-up I still play around with them and found of them, and the feel and the pleasure they give well its play-time for the this lady.

And I know I will always be playing and wearing make-up till the end of my life till the anti-aging fades (thats on my wish list).

“…make-up is about confidence, and if bright colours, bold statement make-up helps show this then why not?