9 Ağustos 2011 Salı

My Bedside Table

The contents of your handbag, cupboards, library and bedside table speak volumes about who you are.

So today its about my bedside stand.

As you can see there’s not a lot of room left on it and to tell you the truth if I had room it would be more and more things to top.

Now you may get terrified but I really do need these things next to me!

My black tray filled with my creams, for hand, body, eye, face, feet, heel, lips, elbows, my nail filer and my refreshing colognes, lavander and grapefruit scented candles, home phone (always forget my cell phone), the top shelf books have been read but some parts needs go over reading again so they change from time to time, magazines, reading glasses, photos of my two love, fresh flowers picked from the garden, my diary, two notebooks, pens and pencils, post-its (yeah my favs), hand mirror, small trinket box for my jewelry that I take off sometimes during sleep and my clock always always I need a clock next to me.

The only time its a problem is during cleaning time, thats not fun at all.

Now people who knows me close knows that I read couple of books at the same time, so the books that are piled up underneath my alarm clock are the ones I'm reading at the moment, the top travel guide is the place we will be going for our next trip, Cancun wait for us here we come!!!!!  So I'm the one whos studing at the moment.

Ohhh if your wondering what the little teddy and the little brush is? My little angel leaves little suprizes for me, it changes from time to time, two days ago she left her littlte teddy and her Rapunzel dolls brush so I aleways get atreat from her, shes so fun to play with.

My diary, two note books, pen, pencils, hand-cream and post-its (cant live without my post-it)

This trinket box was a gift when I was a little girl I have this ever since it lies next to me at night.

I sometimes put jewelry that I take off when I'm sleeping

My magazines, fresh flower and a picture of Oğuz and I at a friends wedding, hand mirror and my sleeping beauty doll from Talya as she says I like to sleep just like her

My two loves pictures and the fairytale girls from Talya for me

I have a minature sleeping beauty doll on top of my cream bottle

Now this is the fun part, when Talya was little 2 years old (like shesss so grown up now!!!) I use to put small things in her room and she would guess what they were or which part goes to which toy or baby or where it belonged to, it was a little learning game for her, I still do I leave stuff next to her bed so she would guess what they are, so she plays the same game with me she leaves stuff so I would find out who it belongs to or what it is.

Last night she left a green mirror, a brush, green slippers with cotton balls on them and a fairy lantern mmmmmmmmm I wonder who it belongs too?

Yepp its Tinkerbell's yeah now I get a kiss and a hug from Talya!!!