4 Şubat 2011 Cuma

Mirror Mirror On The Wall.................Come and Join Me in my Vanity World

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is my all time favourite stories as it includes the "Magic Mirror" which I adore, can you imagine having a huge mirror that tells you the turth I would really want one.

"Mirror Mirror On The Wall who is the fairest one of all?'...and the Mirror answered, 'You are the fairest one of all,"

Now I call that a perfect vanity room!!!!!!!!!!

Of course Cinderella and the Little Glass Slipper is my other favourites too!!! Why Why ohhhh you know me because of the Shoeeeeee Shoeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

And not to mention The Wizard of Oz and the ruby slippers are the shoes worn by Dorthy (played by Judy Garland).  Ahhhhhhhhh the ruby shoesssssss which we follow the yellow brick road up to Mr. Louboutin's place.

At the end of the day its all about fashion and make-up "Vanity" to me.

So todays post is going to be about my magic mirror and the accessories I love to play around with, and not just me it runs in the family goes way back to my grandmothers mom she started this whole love for fashion and vanity world, came to my grandmother and then to my mom so on to me and now my little angel Talya loves to fancy-up and dress-up.

Not Dorthy's shoes mine and Talya's and we follow the road of love

 So back to the post when shoes in way I cant think of anything but this post is about my vanity table so please enjoy as I do everydayyyyyyyyy.

Welcome to my vanity world

I'm a Chanel Galllll

People ask me what mascara I use well I use all the first six ones two coats each time my make-up seceret is all about my lashes very important part of my face so lashes is a big issue for me.

My jars my puff jars

I filled this beautiful jar with all my powder puffs 

My eyeshadow sticks

My perfume bottle tray, which was a gift from my mom on my 13th Birthday and the perfume bottles were also gifts from my mom and grandma during the past years

No Vanity table will be complete without the vanity jars thats filled with colared cotton balls

My favourite puff leopard print

This silver mirror and brush set was a gift from my mom for my sweet 16th birthday
The goblens were a gift from my grandma when she visited Prag she bought them for me to use at my dressing table when I got married, unfortunately she did not see me getting married but I know she is watching me from above.

This round vanity tray is a gift to Talya from my mom, the blue, red and the pink perfume bottles are gifts that I gave to Talya but she said mom I want you to display them on your dressing table so you can take pictures so I'm a lucky girl who has a duagther that likes to share her make-up 

And inside the drawers is filled with my cosmetics

I told you it runs in the familyyyyyyy

I hope enjoyed it, keep watching more to come, maybe one day you will enter my world of shoess but I'll tell a lot of pictures are awaiting you as the shoes are counting to be more than 250 pairs or so!!!!!!!!!!