23 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

Shoe Problem

Dear freinds,

As I had mentioned before due to Talya's "wonderland room" post, she also wanted me to her shoe and purse collection, thats right collection.

The thing is my mom had a shoe problem too she had so many and sexy shoes with real high heel, she even had a nee boot too untfortunately she cant where heels anymore. so I have a shoe problem too, well eversince I've known myself, I have shoes in all colars and patterns, at this day my shoe pairs add up to 275 including boots, (even though my doctor has forbidden high-heels) but whats a shoe without one. 

So its quite normal that Talya has a shoe problem too, and as I promised her I will do a blog on her shoes (I'm wondering whos blog is this hers or mine)?

Even when Talya was a little baby I used take her shoe shopping with me, she would shout at the displayed shoes so she can wear them and touch them, she even would try out the shoes and everyone in store would laugh and clab their hands.
The shoe pictures are from this season to coming season, as you can imagine I have taken her shoe photos since she was born until to this date, but she said her words "mom dont you understand only the shoes that fit me right now I'm a teenage gal now dont need to show my baby shoes" so her words her desire.

This is where the story starts

Her most favourites

The pink heel was her 4th birthday shoe

The coming season
My favourite

On to her purses, she says each shoe needs a purse of its own.  So you the math.

Basket full of  bags

If you ask which one is her favroutive the only answer you will get is all of them!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed todays post as we and Talya enjoyed preparing it.

Thanks for stopping by.