9 Mart 2012 Cuma

Tea and Birthday Party

My sweet sweet ladies, its been ages since I entered the Tablescape Thursday Party, ohh how I missed you all so much.

So this Thursday Im returning for good.

I hosted a tea party for my Talyas (daughters) friends whom I become very close friends with their mothers.  One of Talyas friends Aleyna had missed her Birthday party to celebrate with her friends due onfortunate illnesses (you know how little school students can be during winter time), so we thought why not gather the little friends and the big friends and have a cake for the be-lated birthday girl.
I hope you enjoy the the party as we did.

So please join me at Susans place http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for the Tablescape Thursday Party.

Happy St.Patricks Day Everyone!

I first started with a Turkish coffee home-made sour cherry liqueur made by my mom with chocalte sweets.

This is the end of the party when its time to make a wish and blow out the candles and cut the cake

Afternoon tea and sandwhiches served

My table wont be perfect wihtout my dried fruits

Here is the big girls having fun

And here is the small ones having fun 

Just after tea fresh fruit is served for the suprise that the big ladies will have

Now this is a suprise for the big ladies; its sherry time