28 Haziran 2011 Salı

Fashion Time

Today its fashion time, as I am ill at home, not aloud to speak orders from my doctor, so I decided its about time I did a post on fashion.

The two outfits that I picked was the ones I wore at Talya's Bale Performance Night and her School Graduation Ceremony.

The first outfit; The black little dress

As I had to wear something smart for the school graduation as I am the chairman of the PTA for her school, I had to make a speech and present a plaquette to the principal of the school so it needed something like a black suit style.

The shoes and the purse are hand-made Gobelin Tapestry, they look new but beleive me they are old as 2001.

The jewelry placed in my little tray.

This Venetian mask pin, which I had bought from Venice is one of my fav accessories, but no use buying stuff from overseas as I have seen a similar one here in Istanbul with a no-name store.

Gobelin Tapestry Shoe and Purse 

Now this is the fun part, I usually prepare my accessories/jewelry couple of days before I start getting dressed, this was ready for me a week before and I also had a suprise from Talya as she setted her fav Lalaloopsy - Jewels Sparkles doll, her last edicions are these dolls she has couple of these dolls but this doll has her own vanity set so I suppose Talya is right for setting her on the vanity tray.

The earings, ring and the bracelts that I wore that day.

The lipgloss is from lancome Diamond Limited Edition, Talya uses it more then me because of the angel on top and the colar is pink with sparkles

The Second outfit; My turquoise cocktail dress

This I wore to the bale ceremony.

The shoes and purse are old too, but its so funny it was my first time wearing it, I suppose I saved it for something special like Talya's first bale dance.

The jewelry as seen in the jewelry dish holder.

The turquoise earings and the ring was bought from a local shop at the Grand Bazaar and the bracelt I dont remeber as I had that ever since.

I hope you enjoyed todays post I needed a little fun, I'm sure you needed some too.