23 Ekim 2010 Cumartesi

Time of the Year Trick or Treat!!!!!

Yes its that time of the year trick or treat or give me something good to eat.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Talya has English lessons at school everyday, her teacher "Red Teacher" as Talya calls her, is going to teach the class about Halloween, where it came from and what the meaning is also who celebrates etc.

As my childhood favorites my mom always carved pumpkins put candles inside them and place them allround the house inside and outside, buy lots of candies to pass out to kids and at night I would get dressed up in my costume and go trick or treating with my cousins, it was great times for me.

So this year I carved a pumpkin for my daugther and sent it to her school so Red Teacher would show the class a sample of Halloween, but I did not include a candle init as the students would be using it in class.

Unfortunatly I could not find an organe pumpkin but still Jack the Lantern did look scary to me!!!

So get ready to be very very scoopy next week.