6 Ocak 2011 Perşembe

Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Belated New Year

Dear Friends,

Its been a long wait I know, I had been so ill that I couldn't even move my finger, but now, I'm back to bloging, as you all know my favorite time of the year is no doubt its December, because of my moms birthday, my lovers birthday just on the day of  new years, Christmas and New Years time which for me starts not in December but mid-November starting from Thanksing Day, after November holiday passes, I dig out my red book and my holiday magazines and start planning my December days, but this year unfortunately due to too many colds and fevers my family and I had, I decorated my x-mas tree in couple of days and the house took more than one week to decorate.

Just on my moms birthday (21st December) by consequenced I came accross abeautiful blog, Between Naps On The Porch, its filled with my passion "table decorating" and its just a huge world filled with the art of decaorting tables, for all occasions.  On Thursday's the owner of the blog "Susan" has arranged us dishaholics "Thursday Tablescapes" which allows us to link our blogs into her blog with our decoarted tablescapes pictures to share all across bloglands.

So for my News Years dinners party pictures I decided to add as my "Thursdays Tablscapes for BNOTP.

31st December 2010 News Years Dinner Party

"Aşure" This tradtion desert is made during the New Years dinner day and continues until Christmas time (6th January) every year my grandmothers mother use to bake it, after my grandmother took over, and then my mother has been doing it more than 25 years and for two years now I have been doing it for like a helper to my mom actually and this year my little Talya helped me during the "bride" ceremony baking it.

"Zerde" tradtion desert is made during the New Years dinner day and continues until Christmas time (6th January) again its a herited generation desert thats been taken over from my grandmothers mother and still contiunes today and will go on for the future to come, but again this year my mom made it as I am still learning how too!!!

"Yılbaşı Çöreği" Must have tradition cake for New Years and Christmas.

Christmas Cookies; Ginger Man, x-mas tree, snowman and reindeer cookies made by Talya and me.

"Talya Çöreği" made by my mom this is a tradition my mom started since Talya was born every year she does one "Talya Çörek" (Talya Cake).

My favourite Christmas macarones.

My must have Christmas time Panettone with a glass of amaretto liqueur.

My favourite aswell "Topik"

Tradition holiday green peper "Dolma.

And the closure has been done with a stuffed rice in turkey with chesnuts.

As you can see I go crazy during this time of the year and everything is red, green, gold and silver filled with holiday prints, my glasses, plates, napkins, serveware, tablecloths, candles, decorations, even foods, specially for the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed your New Years Party as I did mine and hoping you have the fun as I did preparing my post

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!.