9 Haziran 2011 Perşembe

Spring and Summer Cleaning

When I was young my mom and grandma use to say a lot of these words during season changes, spring, summer and winter "CLEANING", they use to start from the living room on to the kitchen and then to our bedrooms to finish with the outfits.
I remeber how I use to hate does days, but I was always at school or work during does times so I wasn't the one doing the cleaning but now that I'm married and have my own house, I have to do the cleaning, so what I do is I merge the seasons and instead every season I do it every two seasons.

So I started my Spring/Summer cleaning from my favourite place the living room so I can play around with my toys.

As I dont enjoy the cleaning but its also my time to play and touch the things I love so much and also makes a special  time for me and my bothe grandmas which have been past away and we have our moment to talk from heart and soul as I do the cleaning.

Yes I am very tired from all the cleaning and it took me two weeks to wash, clean, dry, polish and re-decorate but it worth it and loved every moment of it, so I thought why not do a post on my cleaning, as dishholic its time to show where the tablescape supplies are hidden.

Firstly I would like to thank you Susan for being a great host.

I will be attending the Tablescape Thursday which Sue hosts please join us here at : www.betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com 

I started cleaning from my China Cabinet, I only display my very presious crystals and porcelains that I inheritted from my both grandma, both grandmas mom, and from their aunts and cousins.

This Spanish Lady use to belong to my grandmas mom, my mom says she remembers this lady ever since so do I!!!

My little angel this is also her favourite spot too, she loves to look inside, just like when I was a kid, my mom had a different China Cabinet but the settings and the displays are the same, when I got married she gave me/I took almost everything, and one day Talya hopefully will display all these too!!!

Now under my China Cabinet I store my tea cups, saucers, teapots, sugar and milk china sets

See how clean and shinny they all look!!!

These babies were gifts for my mom from her mom and then came to my house after Talya was born

Talya likes to carry the big one and give kisses to it!!!

These candy dishes are my luvrrrs I love each and everyone, I collect them from everywhere, I even have more in the cabinets but not cleaned yet so, they will be posted when they are clean and bright

This little Chine cabinet was a gift from my husband to me when he was my boyfriend then, and my mom use to display this little cabinet in her living room until I got married.

There is a small teapot on the last third shelf, that teapot use to belong to my moms grandma and she remembers having tea from that pot when she came home from school 

In this tray I have small tiny liqueur glasses/sherry glasses that belong to my fathers grandmas and uncles

Also these porcelains/limoges are from my mom, and her mom and grandma from different places and countries (the best ones are still at my moms house)

This is my other China cabinet smaller to the big one I have, I display mostly silverware, but polished and cleaned also.

Under this cabinet I store my 12 sets of water glasses and wine glasses for dinnerware

These bottles are also from grandmas too, I store different colared liqueurs that I collect from different countries, but some of them are homemade from my mom.

Check-out my old post for my moms homemade liquers.

This long cabinet almost holds everything, the left side holds my serveware and accessories for dinner, desserts and tea occassions.

And the right side also holds chargers, plates for dinner, plates for desserts and plates for tea time and some more serveware and accessories for dinner, desserts and tea occassions.

This small drawered cabinet holds my flateware silverware and underneath I have my cocktail glasses, for red, white and rose wine in different sizes, my liqueur glasses in differnt shapes and styles, grappa glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses and cocktail glasses.  I will be doing a post on cocktails and will display my glasses.

This cabinet is also very old.

I store brandy/cognac, whicky, absent, limoncello, again liliqueur and tekila shot glasses, which will be in my cocktail post very soon.

Now to my kitchen.

I wont be showing all the cabinets from my kicthen but just a few.

My kitchen table, as these babies are cleaned I left them there and thought not bad, so they will be displayed until well untill when I change my mind.

Some of my other other glasse and seramic servewares

This cabinet holds my sets of "rakı" and water glasses sets

This cabinet holds my pink and red wine and water glass sets

My margarita glasses which I have 12 sets, I use them for shrimp cocktails, puddings and of-course for party time margaritaaaaaaassss

I even cleaned my cabinets jewelry earings!!! hehehe 

And this big baby candy dished joined the family couple of days ago.  Its funny I had the small one from our trip to Czech Republic in the year 2008, and I found the big one from here in Istanbul, small world haa??? 

I hope you enjoined todays post!!!  As I was very happy doing it and not so happy cleaning them but still I enjoyed every minute.