24 Mayıs 2011 Salı

What's In My Bag

After a very long separation we finally meet again.

For awhile I wanted to do a post on "what's in your bag" as my other bloggers friends I'v seen them doing and I always enjoy reading the post so today I thought I will do one too.

I missed you all my blogland friends I hope you missed me too???? 

I choosed the bag that I most use; My Louis Vuitton Vernis Brentwood (still keep the serial no. inside the bag)

This bag is so important and precious to me, its perfect for the modern gal,  named after the chic Los Angeles neighborhood, the bag is from LA too just like mee, the Brentwood is elegant, feminine the size is just perfect for an laptop or an A4 documents and the leather shows off a great embossed monogram that is just a little flashy, but a lot classy.  Its like actually made just for meeee.

It was a gift from my husband for my first birthday with Talya.  The scarf is very old I had bought the scarf from London during the year 1996 from Harrods. 

As you can see how deep the inside is.

Your wondering is she really carrying all this stuff?  The answer is yes, I now I'm a freak, but I have to have these things when I'm outside, I use to carry more stuff but after Talya was born I refrained a little bit.  When I dont use a big bag or just use a clutch bag, I still take all the stuff with me in another bag

My Louis Voitton Pomme D'Amour Vernis Sarah Wallet which is my first birthday gift from Talya,
My Sony Camera
My Davidoff Cigarillos cigars and lipstick shaped lighter,
My car keys and registration card booklet,
My Tissue wallet,
My photo frame,
My Guerlain's Terracotta Brush & velvet poch I always carry with me its a life saver I use it on my cheeks and face

My Prada cell phone, which Talya put a suprise in it,
My gums favourties is Mabel Arap Kız (Mabel African Girl)

The pink ribbon pow, I always have something like that in my bag that for my mom you never no what she can create with them maybe a hair pin for Talya or a necklace/dress acc.

My candies which are coke flavoured
My flash disk
My butterfly shaped compact mirror

My Chloe perfumed tiny envelope so my bag would smell perfumed aswell, this is a little secret I inherited from my grandma and mom I use to use embroidered handkerchiefs that my grandmother or my grandmothers mom made and spray perfume on the handkerchiefs and leave them in my bags I had one in every bag, now I use tiny cards or envelopes and spray perfume and leave them in the bags, since I want to save the hand made handkerchiefs to Talya, as they are very precious for me 

My Montblanc Meisterstuck Chopin white gold platinum line fountain pen (I always use fountain pen since I was a kid) which was a gift from my parents when I was promoted to be HR Manager long long years ago but still my favourite pen and looks good as new,

Your wondering what the toys are, well my little angel always puts suprises for me in almost every bag, on Sunday I used the same bag and I guess she put them then, she says its for me to play with her toys and to remind me of her when shes in school, so my treats are "Power Puff Girls" which she loves very much and her new adventure miniature Tinkerbell, so sweet thank you honey be sure I will play with them, its such a pleasure opening my bag every day to find out what she has put in my bag

My letters and thank you notes to be posted

Tinkerbell and Power Puff Girls a gift from Talya

Now this is also a great and fun way to start the day, Talya leaves notes, pictures that she painted, letters she says she writes and puts them in envelopes or bags and leaves them in my bag or puts them on my freezer, next to my bed, this time she wrote me a letter with three stickers Snow-white and Ariel and a Babushka doll in a pink envelope.

My house keys with the fishyyy fishyyyyyys I had bought them from Maldives and Phuket

The tweety keys are for my moms house

My Muji zip bags for my notes papers etc (this bag is also old as 1996)

My notebooks,
My moleskine diary,
My reading book,
My pens, pencils,
My reading glasses
My sunglasses Giorgio Armani  
My perfume, at the moment I'm using Mid-night Poison by Dior as its spring time its goes well with my skin during this season (I always buy the small and the large bottles, large for home, small for my purses)

See I have another suprise from Talya that she left in my cell phone case

My Babushka doll sticker from Talya

The letter that she wrote and left it in my purse also a suprise inside too see the heart shaped Cinderrella and Aurora badge

My Montblanc Meisterstuck Chopin white gold platinum line fountain pen and poch

My photo frame never leave home without it, I also have one for my traveling time

Ohhh my angel when she was 15 months old and 5 years old

My Tissue case with mirror from Bangkok

Reading glasses also dont leave home without it

My tiny note book goes every where with me

I'm a post-it girl (dont tell Carrie Bradshaw), but I always have post-its in my bag, I desperately need my post-its and tags especially if I'm reading a book and always have a little blue-eyed bead in my bag

My moleskine diary and my Lamy fountain pen

Now this is interesting because when I was in high-school my LA times I use to get black cardboard paper from the stationeries ask them to cut and bind them and used gold or silver pens but mostly white ink pen to write almost all my student life I kept my notes this way, after my work years the same habbit continued even my bussiness mates loved the idea and I use to make note-pads for them too in different sizes, now-a-days I'm lucky because you can find complete black notebooks in any size in cardboard paper the way I like so I dont have to deal with binding them or measuring them. 

You can find colared pencils too see the hearts

I alway have a book with me, since I read couple of books at a time, my bed-side, cafe, reading corner in the house and my research books, for couple of weeks now I have been carrying The Catcher in the Rye by J.D.Salinger, now I have read this book couple of times in English even made a book report in the first years of high-school but now I'm trying to read it in Turkish so its going slow for me.

This is bookmark with magnifying glass which I had bought from Madrid in the year 2000 from the Prado Museum, its funny because Oğuz's sister bought the same one for me last month when she was visiting.

My make-up bag, I alway change it this time its this gold-disko style.

My Guerlain Parure Gold Compact Powder you can use it dry or wet, I use it dry
My Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat works like a charm life saver use it every where!!!
My Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
My Lancome Eye-liner Pencil
My Lancome blush
My Chanel Aqualumiere Lip Gloss
My Guerlain's Terracotta Brush & velvet poch

And a gold heart shaped bead from Talya

These are the things I need for a quick make-up, I carry this in my bag in the car every where.

My Davidoff Cigarillos cigars and lipstick shaped lighter, this only used out-side during cocktail time when Talya is not around, so not so many times during the week.

This pink poch-bag is made by my mom, its actually a left over fabric which she made a skirt to Talya you can see her picture below it was her first Easter time, in this bag I have everything, and goes into every bag that I change.

Hand-creme, travel size make-up from mascara to lip gloss, Scholl Party Feet - Gel Cushions for my high-heel shoes, cell phone cleaning fabric, glasses cleaning fabric, comb, nail filer, lady kit, tiniest notebook, tiny pen I guess thats about it. 

Ohhh I forgot my tooth pick case, soo important for me, I found this little thing from Singapore long years ago its been with me since 2002.

My latest friend in my bag my new MAC Wonder Woman Lipstick, now Wonder Woman was my all time hero when I was a kid, never missed a day watching or reading the comic books.

Mac launched Wonder Woman make-up collection, I havent been this happy for such a long time, I chose mine in bright fuchsia shade.

My tiny tiny pen a gift from Oğuz its been with me since the day we got married.

I hope you enjoyed todays post, wont take too long to post again.

Hope to see you all soon.