11 Şubat 2011 Cuma

The little colared bottles "Nail Polish"

My little bottles filled with different colars, I call them nail polish. Rainbow has seven colars but my little bottles has seven thousand colares.

Dont ask which one is my favourite?  Thats a question I cant anwser!!! 

This tiny bottle is filled with colarful stars which belongs to Talya just like her eyes

All these bottles goes in this box

Time to show a little colar

Pick a colar and make a wish, just like at the times we do when we see a rainbow.

10 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

Dinner Time with Ruby Satin just suitable for Valetines Day

Todays tablescape is about a ruby dinner setting just suitable for Valetines Day.

So please join me for Thursday Tablescape.

Watch more tablescapes at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ hosted by Susan.

The two crystal decanters/carafes used to belong to my grandmother, but use them for wine during dinner serve, which I add a little jewel to top it off as the colars change according to my table-cloth color

Napkins IHR

The China is from the states a gift from my parents

I always serve the bread-side plate with a little dish inside to add butter with a little icecube in it

The ruby wine and water glass sets are from Istanbul Paşabahçe

The white porcelain napkin rings are from Istanbul Porland

The ruby tealight holders are from Harrods

The ruby-red glass hurricane lamp is from Laura Ashley, which I am using as a vase for my centre-piece

This duck-shaped half-silver, half-glass decanter is a piece I had bought from London which I use for water serving.

This saucer was a gift for my grandmother for her wedding, now it sets my table for my suaces

My gold swans (not black) are from Italy, which I had bought them to use as salt/pepper but today I its used for decoration only

Silver butter dish is from the states which was a gift from my mom

The small silver tray belonged to my paternal-grandma which she use to serve a glass of water to set next to the guest, as I use it as a tray for salt/pepper and tooth-pick setting

This silver toot-picker holder is very old is belonged to my dads grandfather, the shape is an old-servant holding a hack in his back

This silver donkey which has to hacks on his right and left and included two silver spoons for salt/pepper also belonged to my dads grandfather

The ruby satin table cloth is done by my mom

As to my old posts which you know by now which is made by my mom is the fan design serve peice shaped like a hand-fan helps me place the silver serveware, as I said have these pieces in almost every color to be set with my table-linens.

The runner is also my moms design

Silver ice-bucket with tongs

Silver bread basket

I hope you had a good time reading this post as I had a great time setting it.

Happy Valetines evereyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!