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Tablecloth or Bedspread - Lace and Silver

The lace tablecloth has a funny story.

When my grandma visited Prague she bought the lace as a bedspread for me to use whenever I get married.  She stitched rose color satin underneath the lace and afterwards she stitched beads, sequins and pearls.

She wanted me to use it when I got married for my bedroom bedspread, unfortunately she did not get to see me being a bride but one part of me is happy as she did meet my honey (Oğuz) and did know that one they we would get married.

So I got married with my honey (Oğuz) at 06/09/2002 (yes my anniversary is very close), my mom gave the lace bedspread to me and we did put it on my bed but my mom and I at the same time said, it looks good but not on the bed!!!

So she said if you like I could turn this into a tablecloth without the rose colored satin underneath, so I said give it a try as I know my mom makes wonders with everything.

So here you go it became a beautiful tablecloth without the satin but I did want to keep all the sparlking beads, sequins and the pearls that my grandma stitched onto it.

Since 2002 I have been using it with love and a huge love for my grandma and mom as they both  did wonderful job.

I wanted to share you my tablelecloth/bedspread with silvers glittering all over it.

So today is Tablescrape Thursday I will be joinging the party at Susan's as the host of Betweennapsontheporch.


One other thing my little angel Talya, has her own blog and she wanted to enter the tablescape party too, so please visit her blog aswell. Thank you in advance for visiting my angels blog.


Here is the tablecloth

My mom left the pink little bows as I wanted to see all the things my grandma made with her own hands.

You can see the beads and the sequins here

The pearls are stitched here

These silver desert forks belonged to my grandma and passed onto me, the white gold trimmed porcelain desert plates was my moms and she managed to save 12 of them safely so I get to use them now for 9 years, I also keep them safe too (nock on wood)

The silver tray belonged to my grandma aswell, she bought the silver çay (tea) saucers and the silver çay (tea) spoons in 12 sets and I love using them

This also belonged to my grandma she served lemon in this crystal and silver dish next to her tea ware

This was bought by my mom from LA when I was a kid, can you imagine how long she waited so I can use this!!!!!!

The tea cansiter is also a gift from my mom and the silver tray was hers when she got married

This two silver candle holders was a gift I bought for myself when I was just a newly-wed

This silver teapot is a gift from my honey (Oğuz)

The silver picther is a gift from my dad

This small silver basket tray is a gift from my daddy too, people know what to buy me I tell you!!!

The silver tea set was bought by my mom from LA when I was a kid aswell

This is something I picked up from a local store I thought it would be very useful in different ways I use it here as a desert spoon holder.

The desert silver spoons are very old and the small silver tray is for to serve a glass of water to the guests which the spoon and the tray belonged to my grandma

I saw this silver jam jar in a magazine long long time ago and my dad just ran into it so a gift from dad which made me very happy

This is something I picked up last christmas from a local store

Here is my mom reading her newpaper as I decorate my table.

Now this piece is very special as it is a gift from my honey (oğuz) when we were engaged he filled it with chocolates and brought it to me in a very beautifully packed way.

I had to take the picture as it was looking right at me, now this picter and plate is from my grandmas house I remeber it very well and then went on to my mom, my mom bought the porcelian flowers from Italy and after I got married this beautiful flowered picther came to be mine

Ahhhhhh finally I got my moms attention for taking her picture, say cheese!!! (click)

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FABBY'S LIVING dedi ki...

Oh my friend, this is a stunning post, Karen. You've made me drool from all this gorgeous things you have, my goodness all the family heirlooms and gifts...I love your dad's gifts, how wonderful, I never hear about dad's, although, I have just a couple of things mine gaved me when he was alive. Every piece is gorgeous, love the spoons, the pitcher, and the tablecloth is amazing, with pearls and all and yeah, not in the bed! Lots of hugs, sweetie. FABBY

Barbara dedi ki...

Such a beautiful table. How lucky you are to have such treasures from your grandmother!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage dedi ki...

It is nice to see that you are using your lovely things from your mother and grandmother! I enjoyed hearing how your mother fixed the lace for your table. It all looks wonderful together!

Yellow Rose Arbor dedi ki...

What a beautiful tablecloth! Nice details she added. The silver pieces are all wonderful!

Nice post!


Martha dedi ki...

What a pretty table and such lovely silver things! I love silver and lace!

xinex dedi ki...

What a beautiful tablescape and what is so special about it is that your grandma stitched the beads and sequins on ribbons with love. Everyone in your family has so much love and good tastes too! You are lucky!...Christine

Designs By Pinky dedi ki...

OMGoodness, what TREASURES you have!!!! All your silver pieces are exquisite!!!! I had many silver pieces also and got rid of them all! Now I could KICK myself!!!!! Your tablecloth is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

Dianne dedi ki...

That is an impressive and beautiful silver collection. What a wonderful family you have to gift you all those beautiful pieces. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog and for becoming a follower. Dianne

Jacqueline dedi ki...

My oh my, you have the most exquisite collection of wonderful items that have been passed down. Every piece is a treasure!!! I don't even know where to begin. I just love silver and it is rare to find it all so ornate as yours is. Enjoy using it as much as you can and then pass it on too and it will be filled with memory upon memory. Thanks for sharing this wonderful treasure trove with us.

Poppy dedi ki...

Oh, your grandma's lace tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous.... I love all the delicate work on it! Feels wonderful to use such family treasures!You have a wonderful collection of silver heirlooms! The silver teapot your husband gave you and the dessert spoons and silver basket tray is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post with us. Have a great weekend!~Poppy


~Tablescapes By Diane~ dedi ki...

Hi lovely lady.
I love coming over and visiting with you. I love looking at your Beautiful Silver and the Vintage Lace this tablecloth would look Beautiful on one of my Tablescapes coming up. Right now Im working on one. You need to come back on this coming Monday. I would like to thank you so much for your lovely comments...XXOO Diane

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) dedi ki...

What a stunning table you've set. I adore silver, you have many beautiful pieces. All the more special since they belonged in your family.... loved your post.
hugs ~lynne~

mississippi artist dedi ki...

Beautiful! I love all the silver and that tablecloth is beautiful.

niartist dedi ki...

What a stunning display! Truly love every piece, and I can totally see why you'd be happy to share it with all of us! BRAVO! Can't wait to see more!

I hope you'll stop by my blog to check out my new feature. I've gone back to doing posts on my home, and I've got my newly styled "bar" in the dining room up. Would love to know what you think!

Thanks again for sharing! Stunning.

Jenny dedi ki...

Everything is gorgeous -- love your silver!

Cottage and Broome dedi ki...

Love the story of your tablecloth, how lucky you are to have such a special keepsake! Love the forks too, actually all your pieces are so pretty, a beautiful table setting. Thanks for stopping by our blog, the Mom from Cottage and Broome.

Happy Cottage Quilter dedi ki...

Your tablecloth is gorgeous, as is all of your beautiful silver. Lovely table.

Jocelyn @

Taunnie dedi ki...

You have an outstanding collection. Every single piece is beautiful. Even more beautiful that they were given by loved ones.

Mid-Atlantic Martha dedi ki...

How breath taking! You have so many lovely things and beautiful memories. I'm sure that you will also create wonderful memories for future generations that gather at your table. The silver and crystal sparkle on that gorgeous tablecloth spun with a grandmother's love.

Marigene dedi ki...

Your lace and silver are exquisite, Karin!

Entertaining Women dedi ki...

So many wonderful family treasures to make your grandmother's tablecloth very special....like fine jewelry for a beautiful gown. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

Cassy dedi ki...

So pretty and nice. Your grandma is so sweet.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Laura Ingalls Gunn dedi ki...

What a beautiful heirloom that I am sure your treasure.

Scribbler dedi ki...

What a beautiful table you have laid for us today! The tablecloth is so special, and I have to agree with your mother: much better on the table!

I really like all your beautiful silver, and my favorite is those great spoons!

Thanks for visiting me today!

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life dedi ki...

How lovely to have so many beautiful things that have been handed down to you and the lovely hand work of your grandma. A real treasure.

Robin @ Highpoint Circle dedi ki...

How special that your comment brought me to your beautiful post on your family heirlooms. That is what I love about blogging, the wonderful surprises at other blogs. Please stop by again.

Alycia Nichols dedi ki...

Hello, sweet Karin! I have been so slow getting around to all the blog posts this week. I was sick all weekend, so I didn't get on the computer very much. It is so nice to see all the gorgeous treasures to have displayed!!! Each one has a special meaning, and that's what makes them that much greater! I am especially touched by the story of the lace tablecloth. It has the love of both your Mom and Grandmother intertwined in each stitch, each detail. Someday your sweet Talya will be able to tell a story behind it to her friends, too. I am also touched by the silver tray that your husband gave to you with chocolates as a gift. That is so sweet! He has very good taste in gifts and his wife! :-) Have a wonderful day, and I'll see you again soon!

Wendy@~Chez~La~De~da~ dedi ki...

Your family knows just what you like to get as gifts!!!
I love the tablecloth, I agree that it wouldn't look as good as a bedspread.....all that silver makes it look so beautiful!

Wonderful post, I love reading your blog!


Lilly dedi ki...

It's so sweet that you want to connect with your grandmother and her things. So nice to see a beautiful table cover and dining set be put to good use!