31 Ekim 2010 Pazar

November Time for Christmas Ideas

November is here and its my faviroute time of  the year, I start my christmas ideas of decorations, handmade presents, dinner party food theme, cooking making, which present to buy for who, searching for my christmas cards, package cards, wrapping paper, ornaments you named it.

Couple of years ago I started  putting together an idea book, something like a journal, I gather all my December christmas magazines in one pile, from time to time I re-read, take notes, take pictures and put togther my thoughts in my red-notebook with my red and green ink pen for the next christmas and new years party time.

So its that time of year for me, I get to read my old christmas magzine plus my new ones for christmas and take lots of lots of notes.

Ohhh I'm gone enjoy and spoil myself again, during christmas time I get crazy I mean really crazy, I'm even thinking of changing my kicthen blind curtains to chritmas theme red.

Ohhh Lord somebody stopp meee.

I will share my christmas ideas from time to time.

Magazine pictures are taken from Country Homes Mag.

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