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The Smell of Sound

The Smell of Sound or the Poet of Perfume World Charles Baudelaire;

"My Soul floats on.... perfume as the souls of other men.... float on music. - Baudelaire"

The packaging is stunning, and suits the fragrance like a custom fit glove

Can a poem be fragrant and a perfume speak poetically, well the answer is yes; a little black dress, great heels and fabulous hair makes for a great entrance into a room. But, all that is null if it is not accompanied by an alluring fragrance.

For many of us this poses a confusing enigma. Not for Charles Baudelaire, arguably the most brilliant poet of nineteenth century France and father of modern poetry. He gave olfaction a unique place in his writings and elevated it to a stature never before seen in the history of poetry.  Today for me its Kilian Perfumes the owner is an eco-luxe parfum brand from Paris, created by Kilian Hennessy, grandson of the founder of the LVMH group. (The "H" in LVMH is Hennessy, the famed cognac-making family.)

 Back in the days "The Gap or Body Shop" scents were the key to attracting that cute guy from 7th period Social Studies, I remeber I tried a lot of times.

Those were the days when all high school boys roamed the hall reeking of  Paco Rabanne or Drakkar Noir. But as you grow, your fragrance should grow with you, becoming more mature, more seductive, and more luxurious.

No fragrance I have encountered in recent years lends itself to those adjectives more than the perfumes from luxury brand By Kilian. One of the fabulous people I know, who happens to work for the perfume house, turned me onto these delicious scents.

The line put out by this brilliant perfume house ranges from delectable candy scents to sexy and spicy. When you pepper your skin with the fragrance you feel beautiful, sexy and I believe a little powerful!

                      A Taste of Heaven, absinthe verte

The signature scent from the house at the moment is Liaisons Dangereuses, typical me. ”A fragrance inspired by Plum from Damascus, a delicate fruit with a smooth note redolent of an alcove inhabited by languid lovers.” Ah, doesn’t that description just say it all? You feel fresh and lovely when you walk out the door smelling of plums from a far off land!

For a night out or just when you are feeling a little sassy, turn to Back to Black, aphrodisiac. My nose had never had the pleasure of meeting such an exotic scent until I wafted this perfume. With hints of tobacco and honey, Back to Black is truly in a class all it’s own!

Check out the website www.bykilian.com for the complete story behind the incredible fragrances!

Its been a long time since I posted I hope you enjoy.  Missed you all so much.

PS You can find them now in Istanbul at Harvey Nichols.

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