1 Kasım 2011 Salı

Whats on My Vanity Table; Tuesday's Inspirations

Last week I met couple of my friends for morning coffee, if its morning meeting with the girls I need to get everything organised and ready a day before so I wont be late, people who knows me I'm not such a exact person on time, that way I'm not late with the firls.

So the result on my vanity table was this.

Mixing my make-up and jewelry the best part of getting dressed and going out

Till next time for new inspirations


2 yorum:

HHL dedi ki...

Your vanity table looks beautiful .. I also find getting things set out the night before very helpful... have fun with your friends! xo HHL

Alycia Nichols dedi ki...

Hi, Karin! Long time no see!!! I am a huge fan of keeping a beautiful dressing table. It makes me feel extra feminine, and I love it! You've done a wonderful job with yours!!! That's why you always look so pretty in your photos!