29 Eylül 2011 Perşembe

Bathroom Beauty Snapping

My blog friend Shelia from http://notesongs.blogspot.com/ has done wonderful things with her blog, its one of the blogs I follow every day, she really inspires me.

Shelia has a party going on "Bathroom Beauty Snapping" so today I decided to snap myself on my bathroom mirror and show you my guest bathroom, I will be joining Shelia at her lovely blog, so please come and visit us at:


Strike a pose!!! snap snap sanp!!!

I had so much fun doing this post, I hope you had a good time scrolling, thank you Shelia for this oppurtunity.

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Shelia dedi ki...

HI Karin! Oh, you've snapped for me! Thank you and you are just so pretty! You have a beautiful bathroom too! I'll have a post up soon and will let you know so you can come and see!
Thank you again!
You are a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

xinex dedi ki...

What a beautiful bathroom diva you are! Love your guest bathroom...Christine

Entertaining Women dedi ki...

Beautifully appointed guest bathroom. The orchid appointments against the black, silver, and white is so elegant. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous guest bath. Cherry Kay

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) dedi ki...

You are beautiful my friend!!! Loved seeing all the bling in your gorgeous bathroom... hugs ~lynne~

Bonnie dedi ki...

Beautiful post. I especially like all the colorful bottles. I was intrigued with your process of planning a blog post. Lovely bathroom.

Anita dedi ki...

What a gorgeous bath!!! Love the colors!! Thanks so much for stopping by. It was nice to see your comment about the coffee pot.

Poppy dedi ki...

Wow!You have a beautiful powder room...loved the colors of pewter and silver and all the sparkles. Gorgeous fixtures... especially the chandelier. Hope Talya is enjoying school. You look so pretty! Hugs~Poppy