7 Temmuz 2011 Perşembe

Boogie Time

Its boogie time in Istanbul, all the summer night clubs have been open so its time to dance the night away.

As we have been planning these nights with Oğuz since winter, I am ready to groove the dance floor.

Here is what I will be wearing for the first dance night out!!!

The tunic dress has been made by my mom

Now this night-purse is my first night bag I was 10 years old when my parents were hosting the Armenian Foundation Ball in LA, Ca, my mom bought this for me I will never forget that night it was beautiful and my first ball, I was wearing a black velvet long skirt and the jacket as a set and inside I was wearing a white floffy sleaves blouse with black velvet bow shoes and this bag, I think my mom has that picture somewhere if I can find it I will post-it.

The jewelry that I will be wearing

 Hope you enjoyed this post.

Dance your problems away people.

My dance song : Nadia Ali - Rapture 


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I know that you had a great night out dancing. Fantastic high heels! Cherry Kay