27 Haziran 2011 Pazartesi

My Little Ballerina Talya

Talya started bale this year, she just loves being a little balarin, I guess all girls do, its beacause of the tutus I suppose, she was only 3 years old when she said she wanted to do bale, but I thought I should wait one year before she gets the hang of it.  So as she became 4 years old I searched around and found out about Tan Sağtürk Akademi.

For a year now she has been going to bale classes every weekends as she is full during the school days, at the end of her first year she graduated and passed on to her second grade level in bale, she has been telling everyone that she finished her bale school and shes ready to be ballerina.

They were getting ready for the year end performance, and she really worked hard, even when she was ill she wouldnt miss and classes, she even practiced a lot at home.

So end the end of the day the performance was a blast she was wonderful they were all wonderful and the night was wonderful.

Her bale teacher is Burcu Güloğlu, and she is in love with her, she says mom she dances like an angel.  The teacher has a tattoo on her arm now my little ballerina wants a tattoo like her teacher too.

What can I say, shes a princess and now ballerina princess.

This is her bale teacher Burcu Güloğlu, she really took care of all the girls and made them into a wonderful little dancers.

On stage my little ballarina

At the end of each performance all dancers go on stage and have a blast of fun

Her teacher had a dance performance that night too, it was really beautiful, at the end of the night we managed to take a picture of  the two togther

Her Bale Certificate

The invitation and the programme for the night

Her proud parents gave a flower bouquet when she came off the stage.

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Poppy dedi ki...

She looks simply adorable! She loves dancing and enjoys it... pictures speak for themselves... a future ballerina! Looks like you guys had lots of fun and I loved the Performance invitation card. Thanks for sharing these precious pictures. Have a wonderful evening!~Poppy


FABBY'S LIVING dedi ki...

Oh, Karen, she's adorable, like her mother! You're little ballerina is going to be Miss Turkey when she grows up! Lots of hugs, sweetie!