9 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

Talya's Wonderland Bedroom

For sometime Talya has been asking mom when are you going to post my bedroom pictures into your blog, as she loves the idea of setting scenes taking pictures and having a story to write about, whenever I start a story which comes with a back-ground settings for the scene she always asks if she could help, believe or not she is very good at it too, even better then me, sometimes she gives an idea that I cant even think about and looks just perfect.

So I had promised her I would do a story about her bedroom and her accessories as she is a gal with lots of accessories which she adores them since she was little, she had most of the stuff as a baby and not have broken anything since (maşallah).

Most photos are taken by Talya Cankan and the bedroom accessories are not settings as it is always displayed for her use, I only take some brakeable stuff when she has friends over so no one gets hurt, and as for the cleaning lady now thats a real good story as she gets crazy cleaning her room because Talya says becareful Beyza Teyze/Aunt because they are very pretty stuff so be sure to not to break it, so Talya every Wednesday morning gives her notice and leaves for school.

I hope you enjoy visiting my little daugthers room as I love being with her in the room every second of life.

As you all know Talya has a big-love for hairs bands (Alice bands) which you know she calls them "Jewel Bands" (Takı) instead of (Taç) 

Dont know the numbers of the bands so dont ask!!!

Special hand-made velvet cushion from my mom for the Misses Crowns

As we enter the room

I wonder how many sticker can she stick onnnnnnn

Her favrourites ladies, princess fairytale girls

Her favourite teapot and cup is a gift from her very far away Aunt Angela teawithfriends.blogspot.com/

Every little box has something in-it, as a little baby when she first started to walk she would put her toys, socks, blocks, even her fabric books into her room in her drawers or boxes that I had put as a decoration she still does the same, I find it amazing how well she uses the items to put stuff you will see why.

Her ring collection (Danielle from http://gemgossip.com/ this is for you)

Perfume bottle collection, gifts from my mom, dad and me

Her Mad-Hatter Hat from Alice

The silver bruch mirror vanity set was a birthday gift from my parents to Talya for her 3rd birthday

Talya is my fairy, she has her fairies too 

I wonder whats in this?

Of-course powder puff, what with gal do without one

colared cotton balls

Necklace and barcelet collections (Danielle I told you will love this)

She just love hair-combs

My little fairy - mouse

My little angels vanity table

Brushes in all colars

Her writing-pad stationery kit, which she writes letters to Barbies

If your wondering all of those boxes have something it, please have a look

She also has a sweing kit box

Her travel kit, which we take everywhere during our trips


Brush and combs sets in every colar which just the right ones for her purses

Mirrors lots of lots of mirrors

Her balerina love, her balerina girlsss

As you know the newly trend is funcky bandzzzz so Talya has a thing for them too

Swiming goggles, Sking Sun-Glasses and her Bale bag all ready to go

Most most favrouites lip-glosses

Oğuz and I collect toys for her from every country that she has visited

Bertolucci Toy st

This clock was bought from Bertolucci Wooden Toy Store in Rome


She always wants a calender in her room this is a new 2011 Winx Calender

This is wear all ths fashion is hidden (Meagan from www.lovemaegan.com/ this part is for you)

Her necklace and braclet sets sorted out in colares

Her belts, shes an accessories girl what can I do

Her t-shirts, shirts and blouses

Hair accessories

Dresses, skirts, trousers and cardigans

This is how we get ready for school a day before her dress, cardigan, shirt, socks and her hair-band gets ready one-day ahead

Her bedspread and cushion is made by my mom, its has pink beads all around the ruffles and on the cushion flower

Getting ready

Hair accessories

Her fairy wings, angel wings and pixie wings

Your probably wondering whats in this basket, well its filled with her wallets and make-up cases

Tissue wallet

Flower design tissue

Her Easter tissue case made by my mom

Her Easter make-up case made by my mom

Her Christmas make-up case and tissue case made by my mom

Her favourite make-up case looks just like her

So promise kept to my little angel, she said mom you put too little pictures put more believe me there was two times more but I pick-out the ones that showed her full room.

I hope you enjoyed it as Talya and I enjoyed taking pictures of the room.

I love you sweetheart always stick to your heart for the love of your lifestyle, whatever makes you happy keep doing it dont let go.

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...love Maegan dedi ki...

Oh, this is just so sweet! Tayla is adorable and so is her room! I love all the cute boxes with little trinkets and her wardrobe next to her bed is fabulous!!

Angela McRae dedi ki...

Oh my goodness! Please tell Talya she did a WONDERFUL job of photographing and sharing her amazing room. This is heaven for those of us who love all things pink! I love it! (And I am so honored to be her Aunt Angela from overseas -- yay!) I know it must have taken a while for you to upload all these photos so THANK YOU for sharing them with us!

Adsız dedi ki...

This is so cute! It's nice that you let her be herself and decorate and wear what she wants. She'll grow up to be a very happy girl and she'll be happy and comfortable with who she is. I think your daughter would be really into the Japanese Harajuku style :) You should check out Sugarpill makeup it's so colourful and pretty and the owner Amy dresses fun and cute and I think your little girl would love all that colorful Harajuku stuff.

PS: I know my comment is super late but I just found your blog, hello from California!