2 Şubat 2011 Çarşamba

Tea With Blue China

Before I start my post today, I would like to thank all the wonderful comments you have been sending me regarding my last tablescape for my Birthday.  Your words keep me in the track I wanna be.

Todays Tablescape is about "Blue-China" tea party, as a kid my maternal-grandmother and paternal-grandmother use to throw tea parties in the house for their friends, so did my mom for her friends, and my favourite one always used to be one with the blue china, I used to love does days, they new how much I enjoyed so they would set up the table night before so I could help and play around with the dishes and they would promise I would sit at the table after-school the next day and have a cup of tea + all the good stuff they had baked, believe me the food looked good as the table and the dishes.

I wish I would have taken pictures then, at least it would be a great memory to keep as a hardware instead of software.

The china that I am using today have been collected from both my grandmas and my mom and in time I have collected pieces from everywehere that I have visited.

We always serve home-made liqueurs after tea

If ist Turkish Çay (tea) then I serve it with "ince belli" glass meaning "thin waist"

This table-cloth was stitched by my mom (Maşallah to my mom)

Again this peice was designed and made by mom,
 this peice shaped like a hand-fan helps me place the silver serveware, I have these pieces in almost every color to be set with my table-linens.

These dessert silver forks are from my paternal-mothers mother given to her on her wedding which came from Russia and was a given to my mom when she married my father and from her came to me after I got married.

This silverware was bought from my parents during my wedding preparations, this set includes 12 dinner, 12 dessert, 12 serve ware and 12 fish serve, the hard part of the silver is I wash it by hand and just after washing I dry it with tea-cloth and polish with velvet-cloth afetrwards but all this looks great on a table so it worth all the trouble.

This is a gift from my maternal-grandmother for tea-sugar cubes to serve

Once again my thanks to Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for hosting this great event.

Have a great day everyone and enjoy Tablescape Thursday.

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Donna@Conghaile Cottage dedi ki...

"Your table is STUNNING". I love every detail that you have done... It's brilliant and I must go back to study all your beautiful things. BUT I must pick a favorite(which is hard to do)...It is "DEFINITELY" You tablecloth... LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that and add in that your Mom made it and "It is Priceless"... Thank you so much for sharing with us...
Have a wonderful week,

Martha dedi ki...

A very pretty table! I love all things blue and white!

Entertaining Women dedi ki...

Your collection of blue and white china is beautiful. I love that on two different sides of the ocean, we have at least this one love in common to share. I like the idea of that! Your silver is gorgeous; I know that you grandmothers are all smiling on you. Are you familiar with 'pacific cloth'? It's a special cloth that keeps silver from tarnishing. You could probably purchase some on eBay and make bags to store your lovely silver. Also, I found the Waverly blue toile tablecloth on eBay, too. It was very inexpensive. I think that if you watch, you can find one for yourself. Thank you for sharing your design. Cherry Kay

Marlis dedi ki...

You are very lucky to have all the beautiful things from your mother and grandparents. Beautiful tablecloth too. Your table is lovely.

Yellow Rose Arbor dedi ki...

This is all just gorgeous! The tablecloth your mother made is fabulous and all the blue and white china looks wonderful on top! Great details!


Mid-Atlantic Martha dedi ki...

Your blue and white dishes are beautiful. I especially love the ones that have the outdoor scenes on them. That tablecloth is fabulous!

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful dedi ki...

Gorgeous table! That cloth with the large checks really sets off your beautiful collection of blue and white china! I love your description of the family treasures!

Miss Char dedi ki...

Doing a happy dance for your beautiful blue table. I love all your beautiful dishes and your linens. Thank you so much for sharing.

Marigene dedi ki...

Oh my goodness, your table is spectacular...wow! Thanks for sharing all that gorgeous blue and white transferware.

Angela McRae dedi ki...

Your blue tablewares are just lovely -- and all that pretty silver, oh my! What an amazing collection -- and I am so impressed by your mother's stitchery (tablecloth and the things she has made for Talya as well). She is a very talented woman!

Jeff Hardy dedi ki...

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