9 Şubat 2011 Çarşamba

My Jewelry Box

Who says jewelry needs to be put in boxes!!!

Little bit of a long story but fun one!!!!!!!!

As a kid I always enjoyed playing around with my jewelry and displaying them out of my jewlery box and setting them in different concepts, different scenes putting them around in variety types of dishes, trays, stands, this probably came from the family as my grandfather was a jeweler so is my dad, going to my dads store was the most exciting thing as I rember, I even use to work at my dads jewelry store during summer holidays and school break-time and always returned with an award "diamonds are a girls bestfriend" who can denia.

As the habbits get old or tired which comes first I really dont know but, I know that I dont play around with my jewelry anymore (at least not like I use to), but I noticed that Talya does play with her jewelry yep just the way I used to when I was a kid.

It all started two years ago when we gave Talya our old photo-camera and she started taking pictures of everything and after a little while she started making concepts and then taking pictures, shes pretty good at it too, thats when I noticed that she decorates her room or her toys with her jewelry, displays them and then takes pictures.

Well we have been playing with her ever since, we display jewelries of hers or mine and make a concept and take pitctures.

One day she said mom why dont you make your own concept and take pictures and put them on your blog and then one day I will due mine and take pictures then you can post my pictures, so I made a promise to my little girl and sometime ago we finally finished and decided on which photos to post as we have been doing this almost a year now, so lots of pictures but I wont be posting all of them as its to too many.

As the time has come please enjoy as Talya and I enjoyed it so much preparing this post, I hadnt had this much fun as a kid, it was so much funner doing it with my little girl (ooops sorry) my big girl as she says!!!!

As you will see almost everything is pink!!! Why??? Talya pick-it thats why!!!!!!!!!

This small, tiny perfume bottles which I collected from around the world, Singapore, Paris, Prag, Italy, USA, Tayland the most I can remember

Talya's and my favourite bracelet and rings

I had this opalin jar eversince I can remember, this oplain jar used to belong to my maternal-grandmother which was a gift from my grandfather, this jar actually had powder in it, was powder jar with a puff, but my mother used as a jewelry jar and when I was young she gave to me and I also used as a jar but now I use this jar in a very different way, you'll see below.

This set is Talya's favourites, she says she wants to dress like this too

Unfortunately the original powder puff has been puffeddd away

This is how I use the jar now, I use it next to my pink  liquor glass set as a chocolate server!!!!

The pink flower compact mirror is Talya's she said I can use it or this scene, thank u honey I luv luv uuuuuuuu

I can serve myself with jewelry instead of sweets, on these tiera cake/sweet stands, I think it looks better with jewelry then serving sweets at tea time

This ring belonged to my grandmother mother (my moms grandma)

This ring belonged to my grandma

Again one of my moms grandmas ring

My moms rings given to me

My bracelet sauage pillows are made by my mom as it makes my life soooooo easy, she has made them in different colars and sizes

My dragonfly necklace

My peacock necklace

Butterfly necklace

Peacock bracelet

My cameo set sits on a very special heart pillow made by mom which was used at my enagement party to carrie the rings

This is the reason I dont play anymore becaue this 12 drawer jewelry armoire/ boudoir cabinet is designed by my love Oğuz, I put all my jewelderies in the cabinet, dont have to look anywhere else, the design was specially made by the stuff I had and he measured every single inch before desinging it and he did a great job, thank u my luv this is the best jewelry box I ever had

The side door opens so I can hang my necklaces on the hooks

It has a ready to where tray and a mirror that I can use which is covered in pink velvet

wallaaa and it closes after its job is complete

The first drawer is a very thinh one so I can lay my watches

Pink velvet fabric covered everywhere

Your wondering what are these small pillows for well they are made by my mom for my watches

So as you can see who needs a jewelry box when you can have a great display for them from anything.

 I hope you had fun reading it as Talya and I had fun preparing it, wait for Talya's version believe me it will be more fun as she did everything by herself and I have taken pictures of  her preparing it, it was so fun I will post those pictures too, keep joining me here and you will have a blast of time.

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ALACATI dedi ki...

Wow...Love this post Karin, I can hardly wait to see more...(Ms. Talya:)). Thanks for sharing..

Entertaining Women dedi ki...

I love that you are encouraging Tayla to be creative and try her hand at design. Way to go! Your sweet love is obviously so attentive to your needs and passions. Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection. Cherry Kay

Noni dedi ki...

Anaaaa senin takılardan sonra ben sustum bişey demiyorum diyemiyorum takılarınla dövdün beni kihh kihhh ;)